In today’s internet driven world, starting a business is as easy as logging onto the computer. With on-line market places and inexpensive website hosting options, there are new internet businesses everyday. With such rapid growth in e-commerce, are these companies forgetting their real purpose of serving the customer? 450 bushmaster ammo

            Opening a business and becoming self-employee used to be a major financial risk. Perhaps because of that, business owners were more driven to gain their customers trust and repeat business. This was something that I learned early in life as both my mother and father were small business owners and I worked with both of them over the years. Now, I operate my mother’s home décor business and I try to apply the lessons that I learned from bother parents in all my business practices.

            One very important lesson was that customer service is an art. No one masters it right away. Customer service is a balancing act that requires patience and time. The following list is ten examples of how a business can improve customer service and gain repeat business.

Know What You Are Selling

This may sound obvious, but it is one of the biggest mistakes that a business can make. Every product that is available on your website is a representation of your other inventory, your business as a whole, and yes, even you as a person. Take the time to educate yourself on your products so that you can answer a customer’s questions thoroughly and with relevant information. 
No matter how well a business practices this idea, at some point or another we are all caught off guard. For example, a few other retailers had told me about a new wholesale source. I went to the showroom and selected various items, one being a beautiful rosewood clock. Thinking I had really found a bargain, I listed them on my marketplace immediately. One sold that very night and was shipped to the customer the next morning. My customer contacted me a week later complaining about the quality of the clock. Much to my dismay, I discover that although I was presented a beautiful rosewood clock at the wholesale showroom, what I actually got was a poorly made plastic replica. I immediately refunded the customer both his purchase price and shipping. I never used that wholesale source again, but I now also inspect every item in every box when it arrives from my other wholesale sources.